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About Language ADDA

English Learning & Speaking Academy is where you get prepared for the tougher world with your advanced skill of English.

Language ADDA arranged by English Learning & Speaking Academy is an opportunity for developing your skill of true fluency in Spoken English with better grammatical accuracy, where you have to deliver speech on a certain topic before experts of English language who will pinpoint your area of improvement On-the-Go, no matter how difficult or silly it is.

  • Your area of improvement will be personally communicated to you.
  • Genuine way of developing true fluency with better accuracy
  • 100% English-Speaking environment
  • Feel how it feels to improve in every session
  • Attention to Sentence Structure & English Pronunciation

Language ADDA

Language ADDA is one one of the most innovative ways where learners are to speak under direct supervision of experts, and they can have the opportunity of correcting and developing on-the-go while speaking in English.

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ELSA is a learning point for enthusiastic learners, who are relentless regarding their improvement of English Language. Making English easy to both learn and practice is at the very core our endeavor.

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